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        Description: TGYS or TFYK series seals reservoir is designed, manufactured, tested and inspected acc to API 682 standard. This series seal reservoirs is he main part for the auxiliary system for dual seals, the use for seal reservoir is reserved the buffer/barrier fluid, educed the heat of seal chamber, and supply the buffer/barrier fluid for dual seal. Thus, improve the operating condition of mechanical seals, increase the reliability and life time of mechanical seals, extend the applicable range for seals. The exchanged heat coil is inside in the seal reservoirs: combine with other parts to meet the API 682 requirement for PLAN 52 and PLAN 53A. Technical Specifications: 1. Design temperature: -29-200℃ 2. Design MAX pressure: 6.0Mpa 3. Volume:9L, 12L, 20L Feature: 1. Acc to JB/T 6630-1993 (also can design acc to standard ASME VIII 2. MIG (metal inertia gas) weld process, radiographic for welds, 8.0Mpa Hydrostatic test 3. Level indication from level glass for quartz 4. Configuration multiplicity, selectable parts: pressure switch/pressure transmitter, high/low level switch/level transmitter, manual refill pump/electric refill car and etc 5. Seals reservoir can be made to sphere head and flat head.
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